Should Microsoft Rename Windows Media Center: Windows TV?

Hmmm, our friends Ian Dixon at TDL and tech columnist Rob Enderle both think Microsoft should consider renaming Windows Media Center Windows TV. Interestingly, both gentlemen came to the same conclusion for different reasons.

Rob believes Windows 7 Embedded with Windows Media Center should have been the product that Microsoft should have introduced originally instead of integrating Windows Media Center as an app on top of Windows OS (at least that’s what I got out of his post). Ian, on the other hand, loves his Windows Media Center the way it is, but agrees with Rob that Windows TV would be the better naming option to compete with the likes of Google TV, Apple TV, etc. for the new embedded Windows Media Center devices introduced at IDF 2010.

So instead of hearing about an Acer Revo 2 product powered by Windows 7 Embedded with Windows Media Center, customers may better respond to Acer Revo 2 with Windows TV. Agree or disagree?

Either way… the momentum behind Windows Media Center development has waned as of late (including consumer interest in high-end, $3,000+ Windows Media Center HTPC systems), but many believe there’s still hope and possibly renewed interest once the new embedded platform hits set-top boxes and connected TVs in the first half of 2011. I guess we’ll find out. We still don’t know what price points the new Intel Atom powered set-tops plan to go for. Remember Apple TV is $99, the Boxee Box is $199, and word is the Logitech Revue with Google TV will be $299 — that’s some tough competition.

A quick side thought: Why not, if you’re going to change the name, change it to Zune or Zune TV? That way customers can tie the products together and Microsoft can work to create a familiar entertainment/media interface across all platforms — set-tops/connected TVs, Zune Player, and the Zune Xbox service — and just leave “Windows” for the PC? Can you imagine if Microsoft named the Xbox: Windows Game Box? Obviously there’s a branding problem Microsoft needs to address. UPDATE: Zune expands platform internationally and ties in additional services across devices.

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2 Reactions to “Should Microsoft Rename Windows Media Center: Windows TV?”

  1. Wendell says:

    While WMC was a bit of a mouthful, WinTV would subject a perceived limitation on a very robust Media solution. We all know that a modern day TV setup isn't just that, its a full on, well, media center. And that's what any company would want its product to be seen as, so I say WMC should be called Windows Media. Problem solved, you're welcome.

  2. asseen products says:

    Great resources…thanks for rounding them together