Intel Demos WiDi-enabled Atom Tablet at IDF 2010

Nice. Intel’s Wireless Display (aka WiDi) technology — first introduced January 2010 — has found its way to Atom-powered devices! Originally designed for Intel’s 2010 Core i5/7 processor family, WiDi will soon be integrated for use with Intel Atom processors that ship in products like netbooks and tablets. If you’ve forgotten what what WiDi is, but have Apple’s AirPlay demo fresh in your mind, let me remind you. WiDi lets users wirelessly mirror their PC’s display to an HDTV — no USB dongle required. All one needs to buy is a wireless display adapter that plugs into a TV’s HDMI port or composite A/V input. From there, you can play content you find online or locally through your PC’s player (PDF product brief). In other words, there are no limitations to what you can view or play. Apple’s AirPlay, on the other hand, currently can only stream a video file (supports photos and audio as well) from, say, an iPad to a Apple TV for playback — totally different beast.

UPDATE: look at that… ExoPC is Intel’s WiDi-enabled Atom tablet (WiDi may or may not be included at launch)

IDF 2010 WiDi on Atom Demo

CES 2010 Intel Wireless Display Demo

Steve Jobs’ AirPlay Demo

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