Android Market to Get Tablet Specific Apps

Tech Radar is reporting that Android, in its current Froyo iteration, is not tablet-ready, according to Google’s director of products, Hugo Barra. He states: “We want to make sure that we’re going to create a application distribution mechanism for the Android market, to ensure our users have [the] right experience.” And when will that experience come? Most likely when Gingerbread or Honeycomb is released. ARCHOS tells Tech Radar that Google is actually working on trying to get the “wow factor” going for their tablet platform by including custom animations and UIs. So even though manufactures have gone all gung ho on producing Android-based tablets already, the “real” Android tablets have yet to arrive. Until then, have a look at this hands-on Samsung GALAXY Tab demo I came across from IFA 2010. The tweaks and custom apps Samsung added to its Android (Froyo) tablet looks pretty decent in my opinion — and one might say it’s just about on par, UI-wise, to the current iPad.


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