Google Targeting Chrome OS to Netbooks Only – Expect a Big Showing at CES 2011

TechRadar is reporting that Google’s Chrome OS (based on Chromium OS), according to a Google senior product manager for the project, will only be targeted to netbooks at this time — even though the OS supports touch capabilities. It makes sense, if you think about it. The tablet, as of late, has gained success as a media consumption and app driven device (perfect for Android), while the netbook is a productivity and web surfing tool for getting things done, which is what Chrome OS is all about. No doubt we’ll be seeing netbooks with and without touchscreens making the rounds at CES 2011. Unfortunately, we’ll most likely not be seeing any Chromium OS tablets like the concept we got a glimpse of earlier this year. Google Chrome OS is planned to have its public launch sometime by year end.


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