PCTV Systems’ Broadway Dual DVB-T Wireless Network Tuner Has a Lot to Like

If you live in Europe and are able to access DVB-T freeview television, you’re going to want to see what PCTV Systems has in store for you in the coming months. The company is putting the finishing touches on a HDHomeRun-like device called the PCTV Broadway that is able to capture and broadcast dual TV streams over your LAN for playback on PCs (recording possible through PCTV’s DistanTV software) and mobile devices — specifically Apple’s iPad and iPhone — via an H.264 capable web browser. The brilliant thing here is that the device can stream the video via Ethernet or 802.11n Wi-Fi and it encodes all video to H.264 before broadcast without a PC. A demo of the product in action is attached below. I’m thinking a US version would be very much welcomed, if PCTV Systems decides to create one. [via]


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2 Reactions to “PCTV Systems’ Broadway Dual DVB-T Wireless Network Tuner Has a Lot to Like”

  1. Erek says:

    Wasn't there a US product that does just this on the site recently?

    • Not that I can think of. There's bits of technology that different products use similar to this, but none combine them like the PCTV Broadway.

      UPDATE: Ah, I know the one you’re talking about… the AVerMedia HD HomeFree Duet http://bit.ly/aBEEj4 . True it is similar, but it’s not as advanced as this unit IMHO.