LG Positioning Their Smart TVs to Compete with Google TV

In the attached video from IFA 2010, you’ll see a demo of LG’s new Smart TV platform (aka NetCast) and the company’s new Magic Wand remote (which looks different than the pic we saw earlier). Our buddy Charbax does an excellent job of questioning the LG rep on how things work and the technologies involved. Interestingly, we learn that live TV can be shrunk down to allow one to navigate apps, stored media, and even interact with an app like Twitter while live TV continues to play. The platform also supports TV web apps written in HTML5 like Google TV, though that feature is still in development. As you’ll see the Magic Wand works pretty well for pointing the cursor, however, LG plans to also release TV remote apps for iPhone and Android that will allow users to input text more easily to their TV web browser and apps. So far it sounds like nothing is off the table for LG in this actively evolving space — I like that. Aside: the Plex on LG integration was HUGE… but Miro integration (you can see the app on the TV’s screen) is also a big deal, though it hasn’t been publicized. I’m curious if one will be able to download torrents to a USB drive for TV viewing?


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