Amulet Devices’ Voice Activated Remote Lets You Control Windows Media Center

Voice control of Windows Media Center isn’t anything new, however, a fairly new company is getting in the game with a novel voice activated remote called the Amulet Remote (it’s actually their 2nd generation product – see 1st gen. here), which is expected retail for $249. The remote looks just about like every other Windows Media Center remote on the market, but this one has a built-in microphone that lights up when held vertically to take commands. To get it working all you need to do is insert its companion USB dongle to your HTPC and install Amulet Devices’ setup software that will catalog your photo slideshows, music, movies/videos, and TV recordings. Once everything is in place you can access content, record programming, jump within video timelines, skip ads, and more just by using your voice. (UPDATED) The catch, however, is you’ll have to navigate your content through Amulet Devices’ Media Center app to gain the full benefit of the product, though it does work with the native Media Center UI. If this sounds like something you’d like to add to your home theater setup, Missing Remote has a comprehensive review of the remote that you may want to check out before you buy. A video clip of the Amulet Remote in action is attached below.


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  1. Hi Alexander, thanks for the mention. Just to clarify one point: the Amulet voice control works fine within the normal Media Center interface, as well as when using the Amulet media screens.

    If you use the Amulet media screens, you get the benefit of additional on-screen feedback for spoken commands, a microphone level, etc, which is useful while you are getting used to the system. If you already know what you want to play or watch, you can just say it without going into any special screen first.