FCC Roku XD Mystery

Wireless Goodness has uncovered an interesting Roku development via the FCC. The guys have spotted a new Roku Player called the XD (model: NTV250), which appears to be co-created with NETGEAR (that’s new!). Not only that, there appears to be a second XD device (model: 2050X) that could possibly be a server (for a client/server setup) or some other kind of pairing device that does what… we don’t know. Any guesses on what’s going here?

New thoughts: not sure if it will happen, but NETGEAR may producing a Roku-powered Entertainer Elite type device where one can add storage at will into an available drive bay (great for HD video playback performance). This would make sense being that Roku’s upcoming firmware update will include media file playback support from USB storage devices — so the functionality is there. The collaboration may also mean that the NETGEAR Roku XD Player will get proper DLNA/UPnP support built-in, which would be particularly nice.

UPDATE 1: Roku XD S model surfaces

UPDATE 2: Netgear Rebrands Roku’s XD Player as the Netgear NTV250

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  1. Dave Drager says:

    Interesting, wonder what Roku has up its sleeves!