HP Announces Wireless TV Connect Solution for Notebooks

We’ve seen Intel’s Wireless Display technology… now HP is getting into the game with the HP Wireless TV Connect adapter for notebooks (MSRP $199) that can stream 1080p video (most other solutions can only handle 720p video), including copy protected content like Blu-ray movies. The catch for this leap in capability: users have to attach a brick-like device to their HDTV and another to their notebook’s HDMI connector, which also takes up a free USB port to power the thing. Hmmm, the 720p solutions that just require a USB dongle (like iMation’s) doesn’t seem so bad now.

HP Wireless TV Connect

Complementing HP’s PC portfolio, HP Wireless TV Connect allows customers to wirelessly stream 1080p HD multimedia content, such as Blu-ray movies, videos and photos, from the notebook PC to a TV or home entertainment center without the clutter of audio or video cables.

By simply connecting the PC adapter to the notebook PC and connecting the TV adapter to the HDTV via HDMI, users have the freedom to experience 1080p HD content without a timelag between the notebook PC and the display and without installing software. HP Wireless TV Connect fully supports protected content such as Blu-ray and DVD movies.

Additionally, the notebook adapter is powered off the USB port, freeing up the user to sit anywhere in the room. The Wireless TV Connect functions with almost any notebook PC with an HDMI port.

Pricing and availability(6)

The HP Wireless TV Connect accessory is expected to be available in the United States next month with a starting price of $199.

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  1. I love this one. Now I can simply connect my notebook with this HP wireless connector. My friends will surely enjoy whenever we watch a movie marathon. Thanks for the information even if I am too late to know this.