76% of 18 to 24-year-olds Browse the Internet While Watching TV

Social Media PR agency, Diffusion, conducted a survey of 2,086 people, ages 18-55, for YouGov’s Social TV trends report and found that nearly 76% of 18 to 24-year-olds like browsing the web and doing stuff online while watching TV (percentage for the entire survey group: 58%). Many of them, according to the report, want to vote and download information on what they’re watching, as well as comment and view reactions to shows in real-time from their friends and family via IM or through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Interestingly, the study found that 40% women are more likely to update their online profiles while watching TV, compared to 29% of men. [via]

I’m sure this is all music to Social TV check-in and advertisers’ ears, but it’s also little troubling that young people feel the need to be connected and multi-task even during their leisure — and previously passive — activities. Many of these same respondents are also texting friends, browsing non-related TV show websites for school or work while sitting alongside family members in the living room. Having experienced this first hand on several occasions I can tell you it can be quite annoying while you’re trying to focus on the plot. Aside: Time had a feature article on this multi-tasking phenomenon asking: “Are Kids Too Wired for Their Own Good?

So how do you feel about all this? Is uber TV connectedness a good thing in moderation or a total nuisance that should be avoided at all costs?

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