Survey Finds a Majority of Non-Apple Product Owners Lack Interest in the iPad

Strategy Analytics got some interesting results in their recent Connected Home Devices survey (conducted in July 2010) which found that less than 2% of non-Apple product owners would consider buying an iPad. However, 18% of existing Apple product owners are considering buying an iPad, or even second one, in some cases in the near term. Strategy Analytics expects 90% of iPad sales to come from current Apple product owners and goes so far as to say that “Apple may be preaching to the converted with its new device.” So it sounds like Windows and Linux fans — especially those not into iTunes — aren’t so enamored with the device as everyone else, which I thought might be the case. As I’ve said before, it will be interesting to see who’s on top in the next 3-5 years in the tablet space — even if Apple did reinvent the tablet market. [via]

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  2. I'm not an Apple fan-boy but I immediately saw the benefit of a 'real' mobile device when the iPad was announced. I ditched my back-breaking 'slim' laptop, with its time-wasting start-up, short battery life, lethargic browsing and constant soul-destroying virus defending. The battery life of the iPad is staggering, watching the full length Wolverine movie used only 6% of battery capacity and I routinely charge the iPad only once every four days compared to at least once a day for the laptop, and frequently needing constant tethering eg, for movies. Browser speeds on the iPad are amazing but puzzling. It is faster than my 2 Quad-Core Q8300 Processor desktop for anything on the internet, using the same network connection. I've tried to work out how Apple are doing this and discussed it with a friend in Nevada who has a PhD in robotics and writes game software for Sony. What I understood him to say is that the hardware is configured for mobile working and that Apple have stripped away everything unnecessary. Its irritating that it can play a full length movie without breaking a sweat but my desktop PC (and every desktop PC I've seen) has to have all fans running full speed, sounding like the SR71 taking off from Mildenhall airbase. Why the hell can't Dell and others give us a quiet desktop with better media capability?