New Hack Unlocks Windows 7 Media Center’s 4-tuner Limit

Color me impressed. Windows 7 Media Center can now handle as many TV tuners as your system is capable of. A new hack, which can be found in TunerSalad (FREE, donation-ware) and Big Screen EPG ($19.95), can unlock Media Center’s four TV tuner limit. TunerSalad, according to Missing Remote, can configure up to 8 tuners in a US-based system, while Big Screen EPG, according developer Niall Ginsbourg, can configure up to 32 tuners in Australia. The tuner limit may be region specific or just how the hack has been implemented (if you have details please post in the comments). Both methods support the following tuner types: ATSC, NTSC, ClearQAM, DVB-T, coaxial cable, digital cable via CableCARD. Out of the two, TunerSalad seems like the best bet for a quick unlock. FYI, if you already own a copy of Big Screen EPG, you can tap its tuner unlock capability for free by following these instructions.

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