Pogoplug Goes Wireless

Pogoplug, in a generous move, has just announced that they will begin giving away a free wireless 802.11n extender to all current Pogoplug owners to celebrate the introduction of its newly enabled feature, as well as to just say thanks for everyone’s early support. Details for the promo will be posted on the company’s facebook page and via support. In addition, the company is also announcing that they are dropping the price of the Pogoplug from $129 to $99 — sans wireless extender, which can be purchased separately for $29. The full announcement is attached below.

Pogoplug Gets a Wireless “Little Buddy”

Our #1 requested feature now resolved: Wireless Adapter enables Pogoplugs to be placed anywhere in the home; existing users can get it for free!

Pogoplug is giving people what they want. Our customers have bombarded us with requests to add wireless connectivity to the Pogoplug, and we heard the message, loud and clear. Starting today, anyone can pre-order the Pogoplug Wireless Extender that makes any existing Pogoplug fully WiFi-enabled. Now users can place the Pogoplug anywhere in their homes without having to permanently connect it to a network router or wired Ethernet port.

The Pogoplug Wireless Extender is compatible with all previous versions of Pogoplugs and the recently announced Pogoplug Biz. Other recent improvements we’ve added to the Pogoplug include cloud printing, the updated Pogoplug Android application, the ability to share and collaborate on documents directly on the Pogoplug, and a very simple system of email upload. We are constantly striving to make the Pogoplug even better, and we would love to hear what your experience has been and how we can improve it. Keep sending those emails!

The Pogoplug Wireless Extender will work on 802.11 b/g/n networks and is available for pre-order now for $29.

In addition to the introduction of the new Wireless Extender, we are reducing the price of the current Pogoplug from $129 to $99.

Because of this price move and as a thank you to existing Pogoplug owners there is a special limited time offer; any existing owner of a Pogoplug can receive a promo code to get the new Wireless Adapter for free. To find out how, visit our Facebook page or our website support page.

The standard model Pogoplug can be ordered starting today for $99 at www.pogoplug.com.

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