CableLabs Gives Its Blessing to Tuner Sharing via OCUR Devices

Thinking of picking up Ceton’s InfiniTV 4 CableCARD tuner? Well, CableLabs has just made it a lot more useful, according to DMZ. We knew it could help a Windows Media Center PC transport its video feed to Media Center Extenders and other PCs, but it can now officially — through an upcoming firmware update — be configured to work as a virtual tuner on another Windows Media Center PCs in the home, similarly to how Silicon Dust’s HDHomeRun solution works. Obviously, this is great news for small form factor Windows Media Center PCs that have no room for such tuner cards, but it will require that the main HTPC remain on for other PCs to access it. In equally awesome news… Ceton is working on making the InfinitTV 4 Linux compatible so it can be used with applications like MythTV. [via]

Additional details of how tuner sharing will work, according to Engadget HD.

The first change is the most significant which is that each tuner in an OCUR can be paired with different PCs at the same time. This lets you buy one quad tuner and use it on four HTPCs simultaneously; one tuner per PC (a single tuner can’t be shared simultaneous though).

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