AT&T U-verse Becomes First TV Service to Offer Mobile Users Remote DVR + TV Show Downloads

AT&T U-verse just got a whole lot more interesting. The service has just introduced a new iPhone & BlackBerry Torch app (soon for Android, possibly) that enables users to set their home DVR, as well as download TV shows for handset playback from AT&T U-verse’s cloud at no charge. The catch: recordings can only be transferred via Wi-Fi, it only applies to select shows, and the length of time one can keep the recording on their handset varies. According to Gizmodo, who got a preview of the service, TV shows from 10 participating networks can be stored on a handset for 2-3 weeks and are typically made available for download 4-7 days after their original airing. Overall, not bad… though I think it would have been better if AT&T U-verse allowed users to download their set-top’s saved DVR recordings to their phones.

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