Meta Mirror Concept Puts a Different Spin on Social TV – Adds a Live TV Infotainment Layer to Tablets

The industrial designers at Notion have put together concept that they believe is the next logical step in how we watch, consume, and interact with TV. The Meta Mirror, as the design house is calling it, appears to be a well thought out concept. The group cites that watching TV is shared experience while what we do online, through our profiles, is deeply personal — hence the reason why people watching the same show in the living room are fiddling with their own devices. In addition, they found that TV watchers like to look up related things online while programs are showing.

Enter Meta Mirror, a software server/client application concept that pushes a TV’s live video stream to a tablet and then overlays the content with real-time contextual links, widget, and data (aka Meta overlay) provided by the broadcaster that can tie-in advertising, affiliate product sales, and more. Widgets from your social networks and other partners can be integrated as well. It’s almost the reverse of Intel’s Wireless Display technology, which takes what’s on your laptop’s display and pushes it to the TV.

Scenario 1: Sports

Scenario 2: Lifestyle

Scenario 3: Concerts

Final thoughts
Notion might be on to something, especially since TV show producers are already filling up the screen with tickers, call/buy now, and other data objects on the screen. The Meta Mirror concept, in a way, also makes the case that Google TV may have an uphill battle with living room viewer acceptance — being that they want to integrate their web-powered tech into the TV itself over live television. Perhaps Google TV should consider consider switching gears and create a Meta Mirror like app for Android tablets and mobile devices instead that works with their partners’ set-top boxes?

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