ExoPC Cranks Up the Buzz Machine for Its 11.6-inch Windows 7 Tablet

It appears that the ExoPC team has been hard at work not only prepping their ExoPC Slate device for launch in the next month or two, but they’ve been creating demo videos for potential buyers and the media. The videos showcase ExoPC’s innovative custom tablet UI, media functionality, and the hardware itself, which looks impressive — and better than what was originally shown at CES. Something tells me this is going to be a big hit with the Windows crowd, if the company is able to deliver on what’s being shown and is able to secure international distribution partners.






More on ExoPC’s YouTube Channel

ExoPC Specifications

Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
UI Layer ExoPC UI Layer
App Store Yes
Multi-touch Capacitive dual-touch, Pressure sensitive
Display 11.6 inches, 1366 x 768, 135 pixels per inch
RAM (installed / max) 2GB DDR2
CPU Intel Atom Pineview-M N450 1.66 GHz – 64 bit support
Graphics Intel GMA 3150 BROADCOM Crystal HD 1080p
Storage SSD 32GB or 64GB
Wireless Wifi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
Ports USB 2.0 x2, Audio jack, Mini-HDMI, Dock, Card reader – SD/SDHC 32GB Max
Accelerometer Yes
Light sensor Yes
Webcam 1.3 MP
Microphone Yes
Speaker Built-in 2 x 1.5W
Battery 5 hours
Dimensions 295 x 195 x 14.0mm – 950g

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4 Reactions to “ExoPC Cranks Up the Buzz Machine for Its 11.6-inch Windows 7 Tablet”

  1. thebasa says:

    5 hours. FAIL.

    • If you're a fan of the iPad and other ARM based tablets, you're right. However, Windows 7 fans who want a tablet may disagree. Windows 7 only runs on x86 processors and as such tablets running the OS will last as long as similar spec'd netbooks.

    • Matthew says:

      Why a FAIL? Is it a case of the fanboy flu, or is there something specific you're looking for in a Windows 7 slate that the EXOPC doesn't deliver?

  2. heatlesssun says:

    Some people want a full computer OS on their slates and are willing to trade battery life for it not only that they are willing to pay. The Libretto W100 that many were saying was too expensive sold out in or day.