Tunerfish Mobile Social TV Check-in and Discovery App Released

The guys at Tunerfish have put together a “no-budget” TV commercial for their new iPhone / iPod touch app — Android version coming soon. In a nutshell, the Tunerfish mobile app allows users to scan a “live stream” of what their friends are currently watching, as well as a list of trending shows consisting of what’s most popular today through the service. Once you find something you like, you have the option to update your profile with the “I’m Watching” button. What’s misleading or unclear in the video Tunerfish made is that it appears that the show selected on the handset is a program that’s playing in real-time on TV — which I don’t believe it is since it was selected from the Trending tab, but it would be cool if you knew what was hot during the active time slot.

UPDATE: Tunerfish tells us show listings in the “Trending” section are real-time. Nice!


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