Sezmi $4.99/mo Personalized TV Service Expands to 36 U.S. Markets

Folks on a budget (or people looking for an alternative to Comcast)… listen up. You may now be in one of 36 new Sezmi TV service markets — and that’s a good thing. For as little as $4.99/mo, and the purchase of a $149.99 Sezmi DVR with 1,400 hours of storage, you’ll get basic HDTV, personalized DVR functionality (unique profiles for each user), on-demand movies and TV shows to rent or purchase, and access to online content from places like YouTube. Bump your subscription to $19.99/mo and gain access to premium cable channel programming on top of the available over-the-air HDTV channels. Note the system requires a broadband connection to work.

Aside: for some reason the Sezmi DVR is still listed at its original price of $299.99 at Best Buy. Not sure if Sezmi has a rebate offer involved with the $149.99 price point they’re publicizing.

Sezmi Personalized TV Service Now Available in 36 U.S. Markets

As cable and satellite prices continue to soar, a complete new personalized television alternative starts at only $5 per month

BELMONT, Calif. Sezmi, a highly acclaimed new personalized television service that combines live TV, on-demand movies, Internet video, and DVR capabilities in one seamless experience, today announced its Sezmi Select service package is immediately available in a total of 36 markets across the United States for only $4.99 per month. Geared toward people who are tired of paying the high price of cable and satellite television service, Sezmi’s next-generation television experience fits the needs of viewers who want to significantly reduce their television entertainment expenses while maintaining access to their favorite shows, DVR, or on-demand content.

With the continued expansion of its entry-level Sezmi Select offering in 36 major markets across 23 different states, Sezmi is responding not only to the strong consumer demand already shown in its initial launch market of Los Angeles, but also to the increasing trend of consumers turning to a combination of local broadcast television viewing combined with Internet or over the top alternatives to get the content they crave at a price they can afford. Customers can see if their address qualifies for service at and can order their Sezmi system and subscribe for the service at

A personalized TV-viewing experience for just $5 per month

The Sezmi system costs only $149 for a smart, personalized DVR that holds up to 1,400 hours of programming and the industry-leading digital TV receiver. In addition to being able to watch high-definition, local broadcast channels that are received over the air, Sezmi’s subscription service puts choice and control back in the cable-cutter’s hand. For only $4.99 per month, the user gets:

  • DVR capabilities: Record, pause, or rewind HD local broadcast channels on the one terabyte DVR
  • Breakthrough TV reception system: The first product to integrate a high performance over-the-air TV antenna and receiver into the DVR and internet product
  • Expansive on-demand TV and movie offering: Get access to thousands of movies and cable shows to rent or buy without ever leaving the home with Sezmi’s On-demand offering (browse the thousands of titles currently available On-demand here)
  • Access to online video: Watch YouTube and tens of thousands of web video shows and podcasts right on your television, thanks to the broadband-connected DVR
  • Personalization: Enjoy having your own personalized TV experience. The Sezmi system automatically records and organizes your favorite shows and movies into your own personal entertainment home screen – there’s one for each member of the household. Sezmi also searches all of the available content and makes recommendations for other soon to be favorites you never knew existed.
  • Program Guide: Have access to a programming guide that would otherwise be unavailable without a cable or satellite subscription

Sezmi Select Service is just the first step in bringing the best of television entertainment to people everywhere. Currently available in Los Angeles, and expanding to additional markets beginning in late 2010, the U.S. will have another Sezmi subscription option that expands the content offering to include a lineup of the most-watched cable channels. Those who are interested in the expanded offering can subscribe to Sezmi Select now, and easily upgrade their service tier once the cable network programming becomes available in their market.


Buno Pati, president and CEO of Sezmi

“Today, cable and satellite are the two traditional choices for TV entertainment, but they come at a high price. Frustrated consumers across the country are voicing their dissatisfaction by either adding on piecemeal solutions, turning to the Internet, or by cutting the cord completely. Sezmi hears those unsatisfied customers loud and clear, and we’re responding by giving them a unique hybrid solution that seamlessly integrates digital broadcast television with online and on-demand video. Consumers want choice, they want flexibility, they want personalization, and most importantly, they want value. That’s what we’re offering.”

About Sezmi

Sezmi Corporation is redefining the television viewing experience by combining traditional TV content, movies and internet video, in a single easy‐to‐use product and service. Designed from the ground up with next-generation TV functionality, Sezmi puts consumers in total control with a personalized on‐demand viewing experience. Sezmi is working with broadcast and broadband partners, content providers and advertising industries to create a new TV choice for consumers. For more information, visit

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