Vonage Zeros in on Facebook, Mobile Devices, and Your Desktop for VoIP Calling

Looks like Vonage is jumping into Google Voice and Skype territory. Forbes.com reports Vonage is working on a Facebook app that will pull in all your contacts and allow you to make FREE phone call to anyone who has also installed the app using their Android, Blackberry, or iPhone handset via the company’s Vonage Mobile app (an iPad version will be launched in the coming weeks). Calls made using Vonage Mobile will be routed through the phone’s Wi-Fi or 3G connection and ring the phone when incoming calls arrive. Another nicety is that users don’t have to be Vonage subscribers to make use of the new Facebook tie-in service. Lastly, according to Forbes.com, Vonage is also hard at work creating a Mac OS X and Windows software client for taking and placing calls, will be integrating SMS text messaging in the next 12 months, and then, soon there after, adding video calling functionality.

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