Microsoft Teases the Twitterverse with What Looks Like a TouchPad Peripheral for Desktops

Kudos to Microsoft’s marketing team. They’ve just made good use of social media for building buzz around an upcoming product. Microsoft’s Twitter account, @msfthardware, has posted a couple of obscure tweets [1, 2] and a few twitpics of a new device that could very well be the final version of the touchpad peripheral the company has been working on. We first got a glimpse of the skunkworks project back in October of 2009, but this is looking good. It’s more Magic Trackpad than Magic Mouse — if that’s what it is. The device pictured, however, could very well be the back of a new Windows Phone 7 handset. For our sake, lets hope it’s not. Image credit (a composite of two twitpics): ChrissSk

UPDATE: It appears that this may be the new Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse, according to Neowin who tracked the product’s listing down on a Microsoft partner’s website – MSRP: $69.95 | ETA: September 2010.

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