Tablet Makers ‘Unenthusiastic’ by Intel Atom + Windows 7 Combo

Digitimes is reporting that PC makers are shifting away from Intel Atom and Windows 7 for future tablet devices. (I guess they read the memo.) And that their priority now is to create ARM-based tablets running Android with processors from Freescale, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm. Obviously, not good news for Intel (or Microsoft) who hopes manufactures will choose the company’s next-generation Oak Trail platform that promises 50% lower power consumption than current Atom processors and better heat dissipation. But don’t fret if you’re a Windows fan, Intel is working with “several Taiwan-based PC vendors” to showcase engineering samples at IDF 2010 that will hopefully nudge makers to mass produce some of their models if enough interest is shown. Pictured above is one of those sample tablets created by Pegatron called the MasterPad, which runs an Intel Atom N450 processor, is only 14mm thick (magnesium and aluminum alloy body), offers an 11.6-inch IPS 1,366 x 768 touch display, 1.3MP front-facing camera, mini-HDMI, 32 or 64GB SSD, and Wi-Fi/3G connectivity. In any case, I think the problem is beyond the chip or hardware being used. It has more to do with the touch interface of the OS. In its current form, Windows 7 expects you to navigate a desktop environment — ideal for keyboard and mouse setups — via a touch or pen input. Hence, my recent call for a release of Windows Tablet Edition or something similar from Microsoft.

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