OpenAppMkt Intros a Gatekeeper-free Web App Market for iDevices

Sure Steve & Co. has the App Store locked down to provide the best product experience possible — at least in their eyes. However, many popular websites offer mobile device compatible web apps that are now oftentimes on par, quality-wise, with native platform apps. Enter A website, with an HTML app of their own, to provide users an app store market like experience of standard HTML and HTML5 compatible apps that can be added to their iPhone or iPod (and soon iPad) home screen. Another innovative aspect of the offering is that third-party developers can submit their free or pay-for apps into the catalog, which should hopefully ignite the creation of premium HTML5 apps. No word if the site will expand past iOS-based products, but it wouldn’t be much of a stretch given the fact that all the apps offered are web standards compliant. FYI, Google already has a Chrome Web Store cooking for the Chrome browser and Chrome OS. Interested in learning more about the difference between native platform apps and web apps? You might like the following geek rap video on the topic (seriously).

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