Research In Motion Next to Ship a Media Tablet?

It’s been discovered that Research In Motion has taken ownership of the domain. It was reported in April that RIM bought an unspecified number of 8.9-inch touchscreens from a supplier in China, which got the tablet rumor-mill going. Now it’s anyone’s guess if a BlackPad device is imminent — but it does seem more likely now. FYI, RIM has an event August 3rd with AT&T to showoff BlackBerry OS 6. Will we get a sneak peek of the BlackPad? Aside: What do you think of all these “pad” device names — iPad, PalmPad, and now BlackPad?

UPDATE: Bloomberg confirms an iPad rival from RIM called the BlackPad will indeed by be launching this November. Pricing will be inline with the iPad at around $499. It’s said the the device will have a 9.7-inch touchscreen, rear and front-facing camera, and include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. 3G data, supposedly, will only come via the Bluetooth connection when tethered to a phone.

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