HP WebOS Devices to Become Lust-worthy (At Least That’s the Hope)

I couldn’t help reading TechCrunch’s post on HP wanting to become Apple now that they own their very own sexy OS, WebOS, for tablet and mobile devices. According to TC, HP wants to borrow Apple’s closed system model of hardware and software and create lust-worthy devices with high profit margins on par with what Apple’s doing. Apparently, being a mass consumer CE manufacture is crimping their style at HP and they’re looking to re-brand themselves — or at the very least branch out with a more exclusive line of products affluent people would be knocking on their doors for. What say you? Marketing genius or a poor attempt to be like the other guy? Like I tweeted last night: companies need to focus on their base or innovate. Stop trying to be the other guy — the world will be a better place for it. By the way, the recently trademarked name, PalmPad, has its own connotations (see: Google Images) not too dissimilar to what Apple went through with the iPad.

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2 Reactions to “HP WebOS Devices to Become Lust-worthy (At Least That’s the Hope)”

  1. jose_ndc says:

    Competition is good. HP can leverage their expertise in the laptop, desktop, server business and take advantage of their huge list of corporate clients.

    This is a better time for HP to get in the game before it's too late while Apple and Android remain as the only 2 top tablet operating systems for years to come.

    • Agree. Timing is good for any kind of competition in the tablet space currently. I'd like to see Android, MeeGo, and WebOS devices have a go at the iPad. It will be interesting to see who ends up on top in the 5 years.