Windows 7 Powered HP Slate 500 Listed on HP’s Website

Hmmm not sure what to make of this news. PCWorld has made a discovery. It appears that the HP Slate we were all tracking at the beginning of the year is destined to launch once again after supposedly being shelved in April, according to evidence of a web page on created July 12th. Spec-wise everything sounds to be about the same except HP is now boasting dual input methods for the Windows tablet: touch and pen-based. Unfortunately, no word on the launch date was available. However, the HP Slate may soon already have competition from its sister WebOS-based product — something people are now calling the HP PalmPad due to a recent trademark filing by the company. If both products come to light, it seems HP will position the Slate as a productivity and media consumption tool, while the PalmPad will be a media consumption and mobile apps driven device.

UPDATE: Just in… the Windows 7-based HP Slate will target the Enterprise this Fall, according to HP Personal Systems Group VP, Todd Bradley, at today’s Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference. No word if the tablet will be sold through retail channels at this time or if the information is even entirely accurate (just so you know).

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