Clicker Reports 90% of 2009/2010 TV Shows Can Be Found Online

Make your way over to the Clicker Blog. The guys have sifted through their data of TV shows available online and found some interesting trends. Highlights: 90% of TV shows are available online at one time or another for viewing, 50% of those became available within a day of airing, and %60 of those shows stayed up for about a week before being removed for free instant access. Interestingly, primetime shows made up the bulk of content online at 84%, daytime at 10%, and late night at 6%. The way Clicker sees it… TV network video portals have an opportunity to provide users a freemium model where archived episodes could be accessed for a price. Of course, Clicker would most likely profit from the referral as they already do with Amazon, iTunes, etc. — essentially a win-win for both parties involved.

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