ARCHOS 8 Home Tablet Unboxed and Examined

The first thing that came to mind after watching the following video from Archos Lounge is: Why? Having a counter-top tablet for use in the kitchen or on a shelf for displaying images seems reasonable. However, after seeing the ARCHOS 8 Home Tablet powered up and displaying the generic Android mobile interface, I’m not so sure this form factor and UI is appropriate for regular use. Plus, it doesn’t include UPnP functionality out of the box to stream media over your home network. Not to be harsh, but I think the Chumby-powered Sony Dash does a better job than this for this use case. Have a look below (jump to minute 11:20). [via]

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1 Reaction to “ARCHOS 8 Home Tablet Unboxed and Examined”

  1. Hector says:

    Alexander, Hi, thanks for the post, does the Dash has uPnP out of the box?