Redbox Considers Tapping RoxioNow for Streaming Video Rentals

$1 DVD rental service, Rebox, is considering tapping Sonic Solutions’ RoxioNow platform to bring streaming video rentals to customers, according to President Mitch Lowe. If done, Lowe tells Bloomberg, it would help the company expand its existing 200 title library found presently in its kiosks. In fact, partnering with Sonic Solutions would bring the company’s offering — at least via the Internet —  to levels currently available through Blockbuster OnDemand and CinemaNow (who, by the way, already leverage RoxioNow). Now, the question I’ve been wondering: Will customers see price variations for what’s essentially the same product amongst each service? Personally, I’d love to see $1 on-demand video rentals from a company like Redbox (though I have a feeling it would probably be more like $1.99 per rental).

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