Give YouTube Leanback on Your PC Wiimote Support with WiiLeanback

This hack will probably appeal more to geeky users among us, but it’s still cool nonetheless. With a simple program called WiiLeanback for your Windows PC or HTPC, you can enable Wiimote compatibility for use with the YouTube Leanback web interface (requires a Bluetooth USB dongle). According to the demo (attached below), the Wiimote duplicates the 6 keyboard key strokes required to operate the UI. The top/bottom/left/right button replaces the arrows on the keyboard, the A button to pause/play, and the B/trigger button on the back of the Wiimote acts as the enter key. Pretty clever. Unfortunately, WiiLeanback doesn’t take advantage of Wiimote’s gyroscope. Would be neat to see it be able to flick through available videos by moving one’s wrist, instead of pressing the 4-way arrow button.


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