Hulu Plus Demonstrated on Sony’s PlayStation 3

If you’re curious on what Hulu Plus is like running on Sony ‘s PlayStation 3, have a look at the follow video below produced by Joystiq. As you’ll see, Hulu Plus is an app that can be downloaded to the console (no disc required like Netflix’s implementation) and features a game console/controller friendly layout slightly different than what many of us are used to seeing via Hulu Desktop. Overall, Hulu Plus appears to be very snappy and smartly integrates many of the PS3 controller’s buttons for navigation. Hulu Plus further provides users of the ability to tweak their connection speed setting for best results (offers two HD and two SD settings).

Note: a subscription to PlayStation Plus is currently required to access the Hulu Plus preview. Also worth mentioning, PS3 is the exclusive game console for Hulu Plus through the rest of 2010.

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