Google TV Wants to Become THE TV Set-top Box by Leveraging AllVid

One of the big hurdles with current TV services, at least in Google’s eyes presently, is that it’s near impossible to gain access to a provider’s on-demand catalog, as well as integrate Internet content. EPG data on the other hand, not so much. Being the case, Google is encouraging the FCC to put its support behind the AllVid IP-based open interface standard for consumer video network equipment. The new AllVid interface would allow Pay TV subscribers to switch services at any time without having to swap equipment and gain the benefits of data convergence not currently available via CableCARD. Google is also pushing for the standardization of video metadata, which could additionally provide closed captioning, show descriptions, etc. It’s worth noting that AllVid is intended for use across multiple platforms from any company who wishes to create compatible products — i.e. HDTVs, PC graphics cards, networked set-top boxes, and even adapters for use with current equipment. As you can imagine, Google with its new Google TV platform and ability to compile and aggregate enormous amounts of data through its search technology, has a major stake in seeing AllVid succeed.


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