Acer on Track to Launch 7 and 10-inch Android Tablets in Q4 2010

DigiTimes is reporting that Acer will launch 7 and 10-inch ARM-based tablets in Q4 2010. The tablets, according to its sources, will “integrate multimedia entertainment capabilities and feature support for Adobe Flash with Android 2.2.” Luckily for us, Acer’s CEO already gave the press a glimpse of one of their upcoming tablets this past May, which featured a QWERTY keyboard and a form factor similar to Amazon’s Kindle. It’s unclear if the 10-inch model will also include a physical keyboard or integrate an on-screen keyboard like on the Apple iPad. Personally, I’m kind of digging the QWERTY keyboard for quick text entry (this iPad user would probably agree) — it seems like it would be easier to keep your current grip while you move your other hand to navigate. No word on pricing, but DigiTimes states that Acer will be working with mobile telecom carriers to market the 3G capable product. [via]

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