Chumby to Run on Android and Live on other Connected Devices has an interesting article on the direction Chumby Industries CEO, Steve Tomlin, plans to take the company’s platform. You may remember seeing the company’s efforts to integrate Chumby into televisions, digital photo frames, and the like. Biggest hit for the company outside its own product lines has been the Sony Dash. Chumby also powers Best Buy’s newly released Insignia Infocast digital photo frame. Now, the company is planning to enter the home energy monitoring market, integrating into connected TV and Blu-ray players, and even taking a stab in the highly competitive tablet market.

However, Chumby’s game plan is a bit different than you may think. The company wants to tap into the space where devices aren’t actively being used for their main purpose — think screensaver mode. In the case with Android powered tablets, Chumby would be installed as an application and provide an infotainment stream — showing photo slide shows, headlines, etc. — when the device is charging or docked. It’s an interesting proposition.

The same goes for TVs. Chumby wants to provide an infotainment stream for television screens that can resize programming and display alongside live TV or, I’m assuming, work when no programming is being accessed. Chumby figures customers would enjoy being able to passively take in data from any of its 1,500+  app collection and see friends’ Twitter updates, view Facebook photos simply by toggling functions via a remote.

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