Intel Labs Working on Touchscreen Counter Top Technology

Sure, a tablet integrated into a cabinet door may be an interesting way to stay connected in the kitchen. However, Intel has a better plan, according to The research arm of Intel is working on a way to use any counter top in your kitchen as an input and display conduit. With the use of two cameras and smart 3D object recognition software, users will be able to pull up recipes, add items to a shopping list, and access additional menu items. In fact, Intel has the technology dialed in to the point where a user can slap down a piece of meat and some veggies and the system can  identify the items and display suggested recipes for one to use. Intel hopes the technology will also be ported to living room coffee tables in the future so users can navigate their media collection and manage home control devices. Lets keep our fingers crossed this makes its way out of the lab, though I’m thinking Microsoft may jump on this opportunity and leverage its Kinect and Surface platforms.

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