Dell 14R Dual-Boot Ubuntu Light/Windows 7 Laptop Demo

Many in the Ubuntu community are looking forward to the release of Ubuntu 10.10 this October. One reason, as you’ll see here on a new Dell 14R, is the introduction of Ubuntu Light, which Canonical is working with OEMs to get pre-installed as a dual-boot option on Windows laptops — with the benefit being they can access popular productivity and communication programs like Google Chrome/Chromium, Skype, Totem Media Player, IM, etc. in about 7 seconds. According to Canonical’s rep., Ubuntu Light will take up 2GB of space and will be able to access all files stored on the laptop’s hard drive. Note: Ubuntu Light is still a work-in-progress, so the final version of what this will look like and the programs that it will come bundled with have yet to be finalized. I predict Windows users in October will have the option to install Ubuntu Light on their PCs — for dual-boot purposes — this October much like they can install the full version of Ubuntu via Windows using Wubi.

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Mark Shuttleworth Ubuntu Developer Keynote (Ubuntu Light)

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2 Reactions to “Dell 14R Dual-Boot Ubuntu Light/Windows 7 Laptop Demo”

  1. Indian_Art says:

    Ubuntu Light in about 7 second, Is this on a Solid state drive?
    Very happy with Ubuntu Light's proposed programs may have Google Chrome/Chromium, Skype, Totem Media Player, IM, etc.

    I'm excited about this development. Dual Booted PC's is a good idea, should have great penetration.

    • 7 seconds is the boot time goal for Ubuntu Light. But I’m guessing — like you — that may only be possible with a solid state drive. We’ll have to wait and see.