Ubuntu: ‘We Have No Plans for a Tablet’

Wow, the original reports were wrong (1, 2). Ubuntu has no intention of getting into the tablet biz. Ubuntu’s official Community Manager, Jono Bacon, responded to a question on the topic via UStream (00:18:55) on 6/16 by saying: “Folks, we have no plans for a tablet. So we’re clear… not that I’m aware of anyway. Um, I’m pretty hooked into Canonical, but we have no plans for a tablet.” The company’s main focus with Ubuntu Light is only for netbooks at this time. With that said, however, Ubuntu Light will be getting multi-touch support and, supposedly, an on-screen keyboard in the October release of Maverick Meerkat — so in theory a tablet could be made by OEMs and DIYers (as already shown at Computex 2010 by Innoversal using UNE).

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