JooJoo Reloaded – Now Running Windows 7, Mac OS X, Android, Jolicloud, and Other OSes

We knew it was going to happen. People have started leveraging JooJoo’s recent USB update to install third-party OSes of their choosing on the $499, 12-inch tablet (specs). If you’re interested in following along, The JooJoo Forum has a section dedicated to Custom Operating Systems. Members have already started documenting their success installing Windows 7 Embedded, Mac OS X, Android, and Jolicloud to name a few. And that, folks, is the beauty of open hardware. By the way, if you need more space than the standard 4GB SSD JooJoo’s equipped with, you can pop open the case and install a second SSD (discussion) in its empty mini PCIe slot for your Home directory (it’s best to keep the OS separate anyway).

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