Dropcam Echo Aims to Make Webcam Monitoring Drop Dead Simple

Dropcam today is taking the wraps off a new wireless webcam called the Dropcam Echo. The $279 webcam is designed for the average joe who wants to monitor their home, business, or any location with little fuss. In fact, setting up the wireless connection to your home network only takes “minutes” — most of the configuration is done automatically after it’s been powered up. Once connected, accessing your live A/V feed is a snap. Just log into Dropcam.com’s website [DEMO] or use the company’s iPhone app. Echo users can also invite friends to view their live feed at Dropcam.com by sharing a secure personal link. Other handy features include: automatic alerts for motion and sound detection (via SMS/MMS text, email, push notification to your iPhone), single account management of multiple Dropcams, and DVR capture “in the cloud” for up to 30 days (plans: $8.95mo/7 days, $24.95mo/30 days). Downside: you must use Dropcam’s servers to access your camera’s feed, no two-way audio support, MSRP is around $50 more than the competition.

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