Boxee Taps RoxioNow for Premium Movie and TV Show Content

The content solution that powers Best Buy’s CinemaNow and Blockbuster is soon going to be delivering premium (HD, 5.1 surround sound) movies, TV shows, videos, music, and photos to Boxee users for instant streaming. According the joint press release with Sonic Solutions, the RoxioNow entertainment platform will allow Boxee users to rent and purchase high-quality entertainment, as well as allow users to access purchased media across a variety of devices via RoxioNow’s online entertainment locker. The new service will be rolled out to Boxee users in the coming months as a Boxee App under the name RoxioNow — and included in the upcoming Boxee Box at launch in November. Congrats, Boxee Team… that’s big news!

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Boxee to Team with Sonic Solutions on Premium Content Streaming

Collaboration Will Deliver New Capabilities to More Connected Devices

NOVATO, Calif., June 15 — Sonic Solutions® (Nasdaq: SNIC) and Boxee today announced an alliance to provide consumers new options for accessing premium content on a range of next-generation, connected devices. As part of the collaboration, Boxee would license the RoxioNow™ entertainment platform in order to power premium entertainment storefronts through its Web-to-TV desktop application, as well as upcoming set-top boxes, TVs, and mobile devices running Boxee, pending device review by content providers.

“RoxioNow offers a comprehensive solution that will enable users to access premium entertainment services instantly through Boxee,” said Avner Ronen, CEO, Boxee. “With RoxioNow-powered digital entertainment services, we continue our efforts to expand the variety of premium content we can stream instantly to anyone with a broadband connection.”

“Boxee is leading the charge to bring the creativity and flexibility of the web to the TV, and is another example of how our RoxioNow technologies and infrastructure can enable a wide array of companies to quickly develop and launch premium content services,” said Dave Habiger, president and CEO, Sonic Solutions. “We continue to help a diverse range of companies launch compelling entertainment services and form ongoing relationships with their customers.”

The RoxioNow platform serves a broad range of premium content to a growing, multi-manufacturer ecosystem of home and mobile electronics including PCs, connected TVs, set-top DVRs, Blu-ray Disc players, smartphones, and mobile media devices. The platform enables retailers and consumer electronics companies to participate in the entertainment supply chain, add value to product offerings, and form ongoing relationships with customers. “Powered by RoxioNow™” stores enable consumers to instantly rent and purchase high-quality entertainment on their favorite device and, through the RoxioNow online entertainment locker, the flexibility to playback content ordered on additional consumer electronics. RoxioNow powers digital entertainment delivery for a range of companies including Best Buy, Blockbuster, and Lionsgate and is available on a broad variety of consumer electronics devices.

About Boxee
Boxee is the best way to enjoy TV shows, movies, videos, music, and photos from the Internet on your TV. Their free “social” media center software is changing the way consumers experience home entertainment. On a computer or connected to an HDTV, Boxee gives users a simple way to bring all their entertainment into one place including personal movies, TV shows, music and photos, as well as streaming content from websites like Netflix, MLB.TV, Pandora,, and flickr. People can also share information about what they’re watching so friends can enjoy it too through legal sources online. Over a million people use Boxee to get their entertainment. Learn how you can join them at

About Sonic Solutions
Sonic Solutions® (NASDAQ: SNIC) is powering the digital media ecosystem through its complete range of Hollywood to Home™ applications, services, and technologies. Sonic’s Roxio products enable consumers to easily manage and enjoy personal media and premium Hollywood entertainment on a broad range of connected devices. A wide array of leading technology firms, professionals, businesses, and developers rely on Sonic to bring innovative digital media functionality to next-generation devices and platforms. Sonic Solutions is headquartered in Marin County, California.

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