One Second Android Boot Times Anyone?

A new technology called QuickBoot by Ubiquitous was on display at Computex. In a nutshell, QuickBoot is a software product loaded on a ARM 9/11/Cortex-A processor device which can “cold boot” Android in about a second from a completely power-off state — something that normally would take about 30-seconds. Ubiquitous explains: “QuickBoot can restore necessary portions of the memory image by automatically determining the priority of memory usage of the system.” The new tech is targeted to mobile handsets, tablets, netbooks, set-top boxes, TVs, and car applications, according to the company’s press release. Attached below are two demo videos of QuickBoot in action (it’s impressive).



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1 Reaction to “One Second Android Boot Times Anyone?”

  1. andrewmclaughlin says:

    These videos seem about 40 seconds too long. :-) Pretty cool tech.