TechCrunch Predicts: Apple Television Will Make TV Providers Submit to Their Will

I’m not going to say Apple getting into the TV biz is a bad idea, but what TechCrunch envisions as the future direction Apple could take to bypass set-top box control by TV providers is a scary one (for a variety of reasons). See excerpt below.

Undoubtedly, this Apple television would be slow-going at first as Apple would restrict what types of cable boxes (if any) and/or cable companies you could use with it. But eventually, it could force the industry to conform to its new standard of television much in the way that the mobile industry has been shifting the past few years for the iPhone/App Store. And again, Google TV may be a catalyst to set this all in motion.

Hey, I don’t have my crystal ball handy… but if I had to guess Jobs’ approach to the matter, based on how the iPhone and iPad have come to market, TechCrunch may not be far off. But then, if you follow the logic, Google would probably take the more open approach it’s currently on and make its Google TV “platform” free to all TV and set-top box manufactures. In that future, Google TV would dominate, but Apple fans would claim to have the superior product as per usual (lighthearted sarcasm, people).

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1 Reaction to “TechCrunch Predicts: Apple Television Will Make TV Providers Submit to Their Will”

  1. andrewmclaughlin says:

    I think google has the better strategy here. As embedded chips and processing power increase the television is going to be an important part of the connected entertainment experience in the home. These devices will need an embedded platform that is both open and standardized. Google will give the OS away. Apple will charge for it and keep it closed. I think the most likely outcome in the long run will be for Apple to produce their own line of HDTVs.