It’s Time for Microsoft to Create Windows Tablet Edition

Quick Thought: I’m looking at the current crop of Windows powered tablets showcased at Computex (above is the MSI WindPad 100 featuring the WindTouch UI layer), as well as thinking about HP’s previous Slate efforts, and one glaring piece of the puzzle is missing: a consistent tablet UI layer for Windows 7 and/or Windows Embedded Compact 7. Seriously, how are software developers supposed to create apps for the varied tablet devices if a foundation is not put in place? Microsoft has tested the waters before with Origami on UMPCs (remember that?). It’s time now for Microsoft to take a page from their success with Windows Media Center and build their own tablet UI layer that all can access and devote resources to. Presently, as evidence by what’s being shown at Computex, Microsoft’s partners are in limbo. They’re basically throwing crap at the wall and seeing what sticks — this is no way to win the hearts and minds of customers or topple your biggest competitors. Can someone tell Microsoft to wake up?

UPDATE 1: I’m trying to figure out if I spoke too soon or not. Below is a video presentation of Windows Embedded Compact 7. You’ll see some of the UI elements that ASUS showed off in their EP101TC Eee Pad.

UPDATE 2: (timing couldn’t be any better) Engadget – Microsoft’s Guggenheimer dismisses Android on tablets as ‘an experiment’


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