Could MeeGo, Not Android Be iPad’s Nearest Threat?

Have a look at this 10-inch MeeGo tablet showcased at Computex by Intel. Sure, you’ve seen MeeGo running on netbooks as smooth as butter, but the OS has a tablet variant that’s just plain smart — and, frankly, more advanced than the iPad. According to Engadget, who was lucky enough to get some close up photos and a demo, the MeeGo tablet UI (currently in pre-alpha) offers two navigation modes: Simple and Panel. Simple provides a grid view of installed apps (more can be added via Intel AppUp) while Panel mode offers multi-tasking columns (think Tweetdeck) that are scrolled through vertically with a finger swipe. In fact, many of the columns allow you to visually dig through your media, related apps, bookmarks instead of using a traditional file browser (very innovative, IMHO). Video demo after the break. Now I’m really curious what the MeeGo Connected TV variant will look like.

Credit: UMPC Portal

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