Comcast Shows Off An iPad Remote App with Social TV Functionality

I did a little digging around after taking the recommendation by Tunerfish’s lead, John McCrea, to watch Brian Roberts’ demo of the Comcast Xfinity Remote iPad app. Yeah… it’s impressive — and according to Time Warner Cable’s CEO, Glenn Britt, “it’s an industry effort with Apple.” Below is the demo of how the iPad cable set-top remote works. Right from the get-go Roberts says an Ethernet adapter is involved (for tablet to set-top communication). The app itself displays an EPG and On-Demand listings. Users can choose a TV show by touch to Watch or Record. The app also includes search functionality and a friend invite feature that pings your buddy’s iPad telling him that you’d like to watch a show together. If he accepts the invite, the app on his iPad will change the channel on his set-top instantly. All that’s missing now is a friend chat box and deeper show information, though that may already be in there.


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