Tunerfish – A Work-in-Progress with Potential for Social TV

No doubt about it… TV is becoming social. Below is an interview with Tunerfish lead, John McCrea (former Plaxo VP of Marketing). A must-see in my humble opinion. McCrea describes what Tunerfish is all about — currently in private beta — and how he sees TV and the Web merging. In a nutshell, Tunerfish is a portal where you can broadcast to your social networks (i.e. Facebook, Twitter) and your Tunerfish friends a program you’re watching and create a conversation around the show in real-time (works with online content, too!). Tunerfish, McCrea says, will use a “game system” with points, levels, and awards to keep the community active and build influence. Heck, you might just become your network’s CSI Genre expert. Tunerfish is browser based, but the team is currently working on an iPhone and Android app to keep mobile users in the loop. It will be interesting to see how Tunerfish could possibly tie into Comcast’s TV set-tops and xfinity offering — being that Comcast owns Plaxo and by default Tunerfish.

TechCrunch Disrupt – Tunerfish Presentation
Scobleizer – Tunerfish Interview


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