Canonical Plans to Take Ubuntu to TV Set-tops, Tablets, and In-car Systems

The Register is reporting that Canonical, the producer of the popular Ubuntu Linux OS for PCs, has set its sights on the embedded market. Director of Business Development, Chris Kenyon, states that its branching out to “the digital home or something you carry around.” The platform that will enable this will be called Ubuntu Core, which essentially is a stripped down version Ubuntu Linux that includes the kernel, middleware, and a user-interface framework for device builders to work from. Ubuntu Core will support Texas Instruments’ Open Multimedia Application Platform (OMAP) chips, which are presently being used by companies like Nokia and Samsung. Kenyon, tells The Register, he expects Ubuntu embedded infotainment and touch devices to begin shipping as early as next year. In other Ubuntu news… Ubuntu unveiled Ubuntu Light (“The Web in 7 Seconds”) earlier this week, featuring the Unity desktop enviroment for dual-boot netbooks.

UPDATE 6/18: Ubuntu: “We have no plans for a tablet”

Mark Shuttleworth Ubuntu Developer Keynote (Ubuntu Light)

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