Boxee Payment System Put in Place for Premium Content

Today Boxee is announcing that they have partnered with Vindicia to enable worldwide content providers to offer premium content for a fee to Boxee users using its CashBox solution — in the process, Boxee will get a 30% cut of all transactions. According to Boxee, premium content will include TV shows, movies, music, and even applications. Content providers can choose to offer their media to own, by pay-per-view, or subscription. What’s more, Boxee users can make their purchases through the application, online through, or via a mobile Boxee app (Boxee states one will be available for Android, iPhone, and the iPad). Launch of the new service is said to be “by the end of the Summer.” I’m wondering if this is when we’ll finally see the Boxee Box made available as well? Or maybe Boxee is waiting for hardware accelerated Flash support to be solid for its Tegra 2 processor? Thinking the later is most likely the case.


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