Monster DIY NAS ‘Black Dwarf’ Build Documented on Video

In many ways the attached DIY video presented here is better than the “Iron Man” film, except the creator, Will Urbina, isn’t making a military grade exoskelton, but an insanely capable networked attached storage (NAS) server for home and work use. In fact, the video got me all nostalgic thinking about the days I used to labor in SJSU’s workshop building my Industrial Design projects (good times…). Anyway, the “Black Dwarf,” as Will calls it, boasts a custom built aluminum, steel, and lexan enclosure, 16TB of RAID 5 storage (managed by Highpoint’s RocketRAID 2680 PCIe controller), 2GB of DDR2 RAM, an Intel Atom N270 1.66GHz processor, and a Quanmax Industrial KEEX-2030 Atom 3.5″ mainboard with 30GB of SSD storage to use as the brains of the machine. All in all, it took Will around 100 hours to complete. As for the total cost of the build, we don’t know — it was sponsored by Newegg, Logic Supply, Crucial, TTI. But, for some perspective, a 16TB DroboElite presently goes for $5,899.

Performance claims:

Despite the close quarters, all the drives as well as the cpu maintain an acceptable temperature thanks to the solitary 120mm fan. The 8 2tb drives have been configure as a single volume raid 5, with 12.7tb of useable space. The entire system consumes less than 90 watts under load, and while the CPU jumps to around 80% when writing files to the raid array, performance wise the raid 5 will get the job done at about 88MB/s write and 266MB/s read.



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2 Reactions to “Monster DIY NAS ‘Black Dwarf’ Build Documented on Video”

  1. andrewmclaughlin says:

    This was seriously awesome. I'd say this was about $2500 in parts. The labor, priceless.

  2. mtode says:

    Cool man!
    Awesome lab. Congratulations!