Fusion Garage Open to Letting Owners Hack Their JooJoo Tablet

This is a positive sign. The Inquirer is reporting that Fusion Garage will enable JooJoo’s USB port to recognize a memory stick, external drive, or 3G dongle. The update will be pushed to customers with the next OS update (approximately in 30 days). Previously, the USB port was configured exclusively for charging the device’s battery. However, if you’re interested in a JooJoo tablet with 3G built-in, Fusion Garage CEO, Chandra Rathakrishanan, says that the firm is partnering with carriers to offer the device this Summer at a price lower than their current Wi-Fi model available online. And, just to be clear, Chandra tells The Inquirer that Fusion Garage will not send “cease and desist” orders to anyone who modifies their product and will only void JooJoo’s one-year warranty if one swaps the JooJoo OS for something different (i.e. Android, Chromium/Chrome OS, MeeGo, etc.). [via]

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1 Reaction to “Fusion Garage Open to Letting Owners Hack Their JooJoo Tablet”

  1. jeremywjones says:

    It still probably won't sell anymore units. They were 2 to 3 months late releasing the device. Probably would have had thousands of sales. In a few months JooJoo will disappear. There are just too many touch tablets in the works.